Atlantida | Uruguay

Atlantida is located at a distance of 45 km from Montevideo.Its market, beach, art, tourism and hotels are some of the qualities that make this city an important point of Uruguay.

Atlantida was founded in 1911 with the urban plan design made by the engineer Juan Pedro Fabini.
Warding the beauty of its coast is the construction of the Eagle made by Juan Torres for the businessman Natalio Michelizzi (1899 - 1953) that also made the Planet Hotel which is right there in Atlantida. The beginnings of this city are similar to Piriapolis, an important businessman bought large land and then he split the batch and sold it to the first settlers, actually the population is over 5500 habitants.

Many Uruguayan artists felt attracted by its gentle beach that is protected from winds coming from the east giving calmness to the shores of this city. The opencast theater with its summer events gathers crowds at night. The center of the city invites you to get an ice cream or eat in a restaurant after of take a walk at the fairs full of handmade stuff by craftsman, finally, you can try your luck at the Casino or go dancing at the nightclubs.

Concisely Atlantida is a complete tourist spot for people of all ages and tastes.