Prado Hotel

The Prado Hotel of Montevideo is a place where we have up to take tea with friends in the afternoon. It's Located in the "Prado" park , one of the most important parks in Montevideo for being place of buildings that make history such as the Blanes Museum, Surrounded by the landscape of that park there is the hotel that attracts as many tourist as Uruguayans.

At its origins the hotel was built by the architects Juan Veltroni and Jules Knab and it was opened on 15 September 1912 , then it was re-modelled in order to build a ballroom, in 1998 the architect Fernando Giordano was commissioned to do the last reforms in which their squares were built, as shown in ours images this squares are used by people as a skate-park or other entertainment. The fountain was designed by the French sculptor named Cordier Henrie .

The Prado Hotel is now considered a National Historic Landmark , it was witness of important events because it is widely used for meetings of the national orchestra and other events. It was visited by great personalities such as Prince of Wales that later was named as Edward VII and the American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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Expert advice: After a walk at the Prado park we recommend not to miss the tea time in the hotel in the late afternoon about 5:00 pm , remember that it's closed all the Mondays