The hill of Montevideo (El Cerro)

"El cerro de Montevideo" (the hill of Montevideo) is sited at the neighbourhood which has the same name that the hill. With a height of 132 meters is the highest hill of Montevideo.

At the top of that hill is where Bruno Mauricio de Zabala had built the stronghold with a shining beacon in the year 1717, today that building is known as "La fortaleza General Artigas". That Buildings had been built to protect the harbour for the attacks from the Portugal kingdom and also to protect the city for the possible attacks of pirates.
The light rays from the lighthouse can reach a distance of 35 kilometres so this beacon illuminates all the harbour and part of the city.

The "Cerro de Montevideo" is very important in the history of Uruguay, proof of This is that the hill appears in the country's Coat of arms to symbolize the Strength.Nowadays the stronghold is used as a museum.
Maybe the most interesting of the hill is the view from the top of it. i'm sure that the most beautiful pictures of Montevideo and its harbour can be taken from here. From the top of the hill you can see a lots of important tourist points of Montevideo.

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