The centre of Montevideo (El Centro)

The "Centro" is one of the most important neighbourhood of Montevideo , the principal street of the capital go through it ("18 de julio"), in one extreme of this neighbourhood there is the Municipality of Montevideo and at the other extreme is the independence square , both are limits of the neighbourhood.
The municipality of Montevideo was built by the Uruguayan architect named Mauricio Cravotto between the years 1935 and 1941. This Building has an altitude of 78 meters. Nowadays the building works doesn't stop, one example is the new car parking at the subsoil.

In front of the Municipality there is a monument of a man riding a horse, this man symbolize one of the first villagers of Uruguay (the "Gauchos"). The sculpture is made of bronze and granite, in which is carved the following sentence: To the "Gaucho", the first element of national emancipation and working. That sculpture was made by José Luis Zorrilla de San Martin in 1927.

Another important tourist point of the centre of Montevideo is the "Palacio Salvo", that was built by the architect Mario Palanti at the 1922. the "Palacio Salvo" is a building with a height of 95 meters that put it in the first place of the highest buildings of Latin America but in 1935 was overtaken by the Kavanagh in BS AS Argentina.
In front of the "Palacio Salvo" there is the Independence Square that is the limit between two neighbourhoods , in one side "El Centro" and in the other side "Ciudad Vieja". That square was built by the architects Carlo Zucchi And Bernardo Poncini in the year 1860. At the centre of square there is a monument to "Artigas" who is the Uruguay's warlord, the sculpture was built by Angel Zanelli.

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