Acuamania - Salto

Salto acuamania entryThis  pool is for the Kids  exclusive use. Hot Spring

Acuamania is settled in the department of Salto,  really near of the thermal park of Salto.  Acuamania was designed and built by the same company which designed Disney World.  You can Believe it or not( because of the small size of Acuamanía). Maybe the most interesting attribute of Acuamania is that all the pools have natural thermal water

the pool  for the Kids  exclusive use Again. Hot Spring When you arrive to  Acuamania you will find a big pool with a couple of basketball hoops. After that there is other pool surrounded of trees and garden tables, this pool can only be used by children and have a lots of water games that you can see in this photograph at left-hand . Near the children's pool there are an artificial river where you can take a tour on a inflatable circle.
The Pirate ship of kids The sign, at the  picture on the left-hand, says : " Kids Only".
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This colorful  Water-Slide  is at the teen's swimming pool
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There is another pool but at this time  it's designed to be used by teenagers. At this pool there are  two water-slide, one of them is which  appears in the  Left-hand photograph.

Kamikase waterslide at Acuamania Salto
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The water-slide which appears at the left-hand picture is named "Kamikaze".  Kamikaze are two 18 meters high water-slide that you can feel the experience of a free-fall for some  seconds before slide on thermal water.

At the end we find a couple of water-slides that are named "Hidrotubos".
They are 70 meter long entwined spiral tubes , one of them is a half-round tube so  it makes  that you think that you'll  fall outside.

Sometimes the participants reach the speed of 60 km/h , especially at the black and red water-slide.

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the Hidrotubos Waterslide is the chosen of manyWaterslide of Acuamania Salto Hidrotubos

Hidrotubos End. Acuamania salto Thermal waterHidrotubos End. Acuamania Salto Hotspring

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