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the Rosedal at the Prado's Park in Montevideo Uruguay
The Rose Garden ( Rosedal )  is located in the "Prado" of Montevideo, a beautiful place to go in spring, so we had get new pictures to show all of you    the "Rosedal". As its name implies the "Rose Garden" or "Rosedal"  is a municipal rose garden with free entry, in this issue we brings you some photos of a garden at a fully bloom, I hope you enjoy that Landscape.

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roses at an iron structure in the Rose garden prado

When we arrived at the "Rosedal"  we meet with a grand entrance made entirely of iron with roses  in creeper  mode.
This iron  structure surrounds the "Rosedal" , forming a sort of tunnel through that you be able to wander and it is roses all the way in the form of  creeper for the walls and ceiling, also has several seats or benches.

tunnel made with roses at rosedal in the prado

The site is monitored by caregivers and the vegetation is maintained by gardeners trained which ensures a walk through dense roses. In addition to the roses and fountains and seats there is a fountain in the center (when the photos were taken it was off).

iron structure of the rose garden at prado's park in montevideo

There are a variety of roses, which were mostly imported. A lot were brought from France but there are also roses brought from China (which are those that form the creeper).

roses brought from China

 All these roses are in beds on the sides of eight footpaths. These roads also have benches. In addition to  the variety in types of roses, there are a variety of colours which makes it even more interesting and colourful garden.

roses at all  the corners of the rose garden
 The Rose Garden is an interesting tour for   the whole family whose  want to  appreciate the variety of roses that we mentioned. Moreover  , because the "Rosedal" is inside the "Prado"   the children can do outdoors activities , so they'll have fun .It is also very common to see couples in love, especially in late spring when the roses are totally  in bloom.

rosedal prado Montevideo

When the concurrence is  higher  the source is always turned on,   and  some kinds of birds arrives in search of crumbs they can get from the ground and spring water, the birds are  also attracted by the abundant scent of roses

more roses at this garden. Landscape Uruguay flower.

Especially on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays is when the "Rosedal" is most visited, and all the "Prado".

Photo of the pedestrian at the rose garden

We invite everyone to visit this beautiful garden and enjoy  walk through it ,  that has no waste at  spring which runs from early October to late November.

black and white picture of rosesfountain at the middle of the rose gardenviolet rosedal Artistic pic

Roses at Prado Rosedal Montevideo Uruguaymore roses of the gardenthe middle of the rose garden Montevideo Uruguay

photo-roses at rose garden

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