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Poseidon on the lake at the prado play area
New issue of the Prado, this time we will talk about the "Prado" as a playground for children and all the family.
The Prado (meadow) is an important place in the life of Uruguayans, very visited at the weekends  by entire families with children eager to have fun .
Also the people can see beautiful  landscapes at this place as well as at the rest of the park.

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ponys at the park of the prado Montevideo. Kids Fun

ponys eating grass at the park

The Prado , as we have mentioned in the previous issues, has a very extensive land , forming a large forest, but still has many places where you can only find green grass. It is in these places where you can find kids and adults playing  ball, especially football that is the main sport in Uruguay. Also as shown in the photographs, there are activities for the younger children such as pony rides (small horses), there are  a group of "Ponys" in the meadow especially in the playground waiting for the children. You pay a ticket for a ride on pony that goes a long way in the meadow,the family doesn't waste a second without  take pictures of their children on the pony and walk them happy.

Spiderman  of Montevideo at the prado's park

As you saw, we can also find to Spider-Man at the meadow, YES!  the hero of children at the park! . It's very common to find "Spider-Man" in the parks of Montevideo, children can take pictures with him that are printed at the  same time and also if they want,  spider-man will paint a spider on the face or hand of them.

baby hammock red macro picture

When we arrived at the playground we find swings for adults and children, slide, etc..

pic of the lake at the prado Montevideo uruguay

Near  there is a lake where you can board a boat, paying a ticket, and tour the lake. The lake isn't very big but the kids have fun with the boat.
Near the lake there are other games such as a carousel.

photo of the boat at the lake of Prado montevideo

There are two major fast food places, plus vendors. There you can buy mainly "Churros", and also other meals that aren't too  developed.
One of these  is  next to the lake while the other is next to  the street near the swings (rocking chair).
picture of the boat at the lake uruguay prado montevideo

At the  futures issues we'll talk more about the meadow ("Prado") and we'll bring a full report about  "the Rosedal" a garden of roses (rose garden).

We invite everyone to visit the meadow ("El Prado") in its entirety and not miss our full reports of photographs.
 carousel near the lake Prado Montevideo Uruguay
 typical food shop of montevideo UruguayPonies are waiting for children to take a tourPlay area of the park at prado montevideo uruguaypicture of a blue hammock

baby hammock redpicture screw macro stock photo

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