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fallen tree landscape prado park
 The "Prado" is a park in Montevideo.
This park has a large area , being one of the largest in Montevideo and also being the most popular. In this issue we bring you several photos of that park,  at next post will talk more about other parts of the "Prado".

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walkways so you can do sport here

 The park "Prado" is on both sides of the stream Miguelete which is the main watercourse in Montevideo, this stream gave name to the neighborhoods Paso Molino and Prado. Some time ago the stream was navigable and this added  one more trip to the park but Today is no longer navigable  due to suffering from pollution caused by industries that dump  chemicals into the stream. Nowadays the municipality is doing some cleaning treatments at the stream  to improve the life's quality  of residents and beautify the walk in the Prado.

landscape of the river at Prado Montevideo Uruguay
On the shores  of the stream Miguelete were built  walkways or paths  where you can run or jog in addition to others sports and recreational activities. It is common to see people of all ages at these paths even on bicycle, not always  with sporting reasons but for a walk, such as walking the dog. In addition to these trails you can walk on the grass because it is cut by local gardeners and  never It's too high.

the tunnel of trees again. Joggin sport and run.

Throughout the park there are a lots of trees, of different type and class. All these trees form a forest  which brings fresh air to the city and the park itself, it help to make the rides very favorable for the welfare and you could say you'll feel more energetic and more comfortable after  walk among its trees.

walkway or bicycling path between the trees

The park "Prado" is in the neighborhood that bears the same name ("prado").Because the place is very peaceful and   be  at quite central and all that is mentioned earlier, the  properties of this neighborhood  have a value greater than those of   nearby neighborhoods,  In addition of that  there are   ancient buildings , like  mansions,   also  there are  new buildings with  modern flooring.

jogging path at Prado Montevideo Uruguay. Sport

Do not want to end this issue without telling you that in the "Prado" may find football clubs that are training  at the meadow  such as  Liverpool Football Club. You can also view  people at  martial arts training , the most popular is the Brazilian martial art "Capoeira".

prado montevideo uruguay

We invite you  not to  miss the walk among the trees of the park  and also take a tour around it, soon we'll talk more  about  the Park but this time we won't  comes with information  only about sport but also talk about the "Prado" like as a  tour place  and a family place.

other walkway made with a tunnel of trees landscape

autumn tree prado Montevideo Uruguay Park meadow footpath at prado of uruguay

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