Piriápolis | Maldonado, Uruguay |

 the top of the hill San Antonio Piriapolis

 The founder of Piriapolis was Francisco Piria who was also the founder of more than 70 neighbourhoods around the  Country. He was a great entrepeneur who started as an auctioneer and then sold parcels in Montevideo with which he made most of his fortune.
In Piriapolis he built the Hotel Argentino, the Piria's Castle and other buildings. In Montevideo he built the Piria's palace.

Piriapolis is now a great tourist attraction in Uruguay, mainly for its incredibel boardwalk and also due to its rich history. It has a permanent population but also a seasonal crowd that comes to enjoy the beautiful beaches. In addition to the largest hotel in town the "Hotel Argentino", there are many other places to stay to handle the summer time visitors.
Many events take place on the beach during the summer to entertain the tourists.

Piriapolis is surrounded by hilss such as "Pan de Azúcar", "Cerro del Toro" and "San Antonio" which is visible from the beach and seems to be part of it.
This beautiful place can be climbed either by car or by monorail that lets you see the incredible scenery. From the top of San Antonio you can admire a vast landscape like the other surrounding hilss, the beach, board-walk and area homes.There are also some hilltop restaurants to enjoy lunch with a breathtaking view.

The Sunsets are spectacular in Piriapolis because the sun sinks in the horizon that seems to blend with the clear waters that border the city.
There is also a game preserve at the foot hill of "Pan de Azucar" in a park called "La Cascada". Also tours of Pira's Castle can be arranged.  The fishing in the beaches around the city is great too

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aero-chairs going to the top of the  San Antonio hillpiriapolis maldonado uruguay

landscape view at the top of San Antonio piriapolis uruguaylandscape of the beach of piriapolis maldonado uruguay

board-walk piriapolisthe sunset at the beach of piriapolis Maldonado Uruguay

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